Sunday, December 29, 2013

We had a baby, and he's beautiful.

Its been a crazy (almost) six months!
I didnt realize how difficult life would be with an extra bubs.

But boy,is it worth it.

He came on the 1st of July, We called him Valentino.
He is a giggly little boy and he's all about his toes at the moment.

Celeste is beside herself with happiness, she loves her "baby brudda"

We are slowly, but surely, getting used to things.
Everything that was so difficult and so time consuming has almost become easy.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

80 days to go

And I look like this!! I know 80 days doesn't sound like a lot, but lets be honest with each other, I still have 11 weeks and 4 days to go.. And I am well aware of whats coming my way.

THIS is coming my way, That was me at about 37 -38 weeks pregnant with Celeste, Meanwhile she was only 8,1 pounds. The rest of it was mars bars, ice cream and big macs.

In all honesty, I cant wait to meet the little guy that's been baking for the last 28 weeks, I know the third trimester is the most crappy and uncomfortable, but I can be happy with the fact that I wont have to worry about the beginning of heart burn since I've had it from day one anyway!

And just in case your wondering, I've still been busy NOT getting anything ready, So its almost safe to assume the last few weeks will revolve around me losing my shit and being upset at myself for not organizing a darn thing earlier!

Saturday, April 20, 2013


A few days ago I was in one of my local thrift stores and I decided to have a wander down the blanket section, which I would usually never go into. Well! I came across the cutest and biggest wool blanket I've ever laid my eyes on, and considering it was in great condition it was a steal for only 9 big ones.

So I lugged it home and then I had no darn idea what to do with it.
It literally sat on our kitchen table for three days until I decided Celeste needed a new winter jacket. Well a jacket ended up being a caplet

Why yes, that is my baby belly hanging over the table

Slowly taking shape

The (almost) finished product!

Considering this has all come about from an old blanket, I am quite proud of myself!  The lining was just a scrap of material I had lying about at home, never wanting to use it because I thought it was just too pretty. But I think it has turned out well used and I couldn't ask for  more!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

GourmetGirlfiends bread revolution

Gourmet Girlfriend Ruth  has issued a challenge to her blog readers to make their own bread. I've made a few times before, but after having to knead the dough for what feels like forever the fun of it wears off.
So in comes NO KNEAD bread! that's right, you just plonk your ingredients in a bowl, give it a bit of a twirl with your fingers and leave the yeast to do the rest of the work.
Its based on the NY Times no knead bread recipe.
Here are the links to both!

Gourmet Girlfriend

NY Times

Also, I totally suggest you take a peek at Ruth's other recipes!  I very much recommend the Gozleme, Chicken Chowder and Zucchini fritters. All are a huge hit in our house!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Little slipperys

We are well into autumn here, By the calendar  not by the actual weather. Weathe rwise we are still getting 25 degree days. I hate that!
I've been looking forward to winter, to sleeping comfortably at night, to making soups and chowders and all those delicious comfort foods you can only have in winter.

Yet it hasn't stopped me from crocheting!
If you LOVE to crochet like me, I need to point you in the direction of Mamachee on Etsy
If you haven't come across Mamachees patterns on Ravelry or Etsy, you are surely missing out.
I think they are the bees knees, gorgeous folky yet modern crochet patterns that can make just about anyone smile.

I ended up purchasing a little Oma slipper pattern for my Celeste,and loved them so much I purchased the pattern for my own big hooves... and then 5 other patterns that I decided I must have.

Are they not the cutest?
Celeste loves them and calls them her Little Slipperys, when I made them she was trying her hardest to slide around on our wood floors as much as possible, I was a meanie and ended that fun by putting some grippy stuff on the sole because I had visions of her breaking a bone.

On another note if your on Ravelry, Id love for you to add me as a friend ( i will add you back of course!!)
you can find me under phiance. And if your wondering, it stands for PHil ANna and CEleste hehe

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The quilting bug

I cant stop making quilts.
Since the one I made for Celeste (the biggest) I've started making cot quilts as there are a few babies on the way in our family this year.

Sometimes I feel a bit silly giving a hand made gift, I cant help but wonder if people actually appreciate the amount of work that goes into quilts and crocheted things. Well anything hand made really. It  makes me kind of un-confident when giving something hand made.

But still I've been making quilts.
This is the one I've been making lately,  its for my son on the way!

The fabric I've used is David textiles, I'm most proud of this one because I've cut the charms myself instead of use pre-cut charm packs. I've also found that  by cutting the charms myself somehow I've managed to do a WAY better job sewing them and making sure all the corners meet in that perfect quilty way.

Don't get me wrong, some are most definitely out, but practice makes perfect!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

13 weeks to go.

And I haven't organized anything.
I've made a few baby beanies, swaddles and booties
Can you tell what we are having?

But I havent done any of the important stuff like....
Empty out the spare room, paint it, give the floorboards a polish so Celeste can move in there

Ive been busy doing other stuff like buying Chickens

Why do we need chickens? for eggs of course! its normal for every suburban house in Australia to have a few chickens running around their back yard! (not)

Ive also done other "important" things like buy a new couch and arm chairs, Why is it so important for the baby to come home to a new couch and armchairs? I dont really know, But for some reason my head says its the right thing to do.

I wrote myself a list of things to do before the baby comes
it has things on it like:

buy a new rug
change all the doors and door knobs in the house
repaint the lounge room
buy a new computer desk

have you noticed the lack of things like:

wash swaddles
buy boys clothes
pull out the bassinet and make sure no mice have moved in over the last few years it hasn't been in use

somehow in my mind its more important we get a new rug and change all the doors and knobs.

And i'm still 13 weeks away.

This leads me to wonder what crazy things I'm going to want to do in the last few weeks when nesting really kicks in.

Don't be surprised if I write a post about HAVING to clean the gutters in the middle of the night!
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